AACNS 2022

The 16th  AACNS  was hosted this year by The Israeli Neurosurgical Society (INS) in the holy city of Jerusalem, 5-9 September 2022.

This was a highly successful and truly a wonderful meeting from all points of view. Over 1000 registrants, 59 countries represented including respected delegates from the AASNS countries, 800 presentations…and proof that in person meetings are absolutely invaluable for both learning and advancement of interpersonal relationship, that are the basis for real collaborations, whether scientific, clinical or cultural.


The Congress Organizing Committee would like to thank all AASNS delegates for their support and involvement in ensuring the success of the Congress in Jerusalem, Israel.

We are greatly looking forward to the top-tier scientific and social exchange in our upcoming AACNS2024 in Taiwan.

Yigal Shoshan, President of the INS and the AACNS2022